Health Clubs In Seattle

With so many health clubs in Seattle, picking one can be a difficult decision. When choosing among different health clubs, your choice should be based on what you want to get out of a health club membership. Some clients are simply looking for equipment on which they can work out, some seek health clubs with active dating scene, and still others want personalized instruction from trainers.

Your schedule can have a large impact on the benefits of a health club membership. If your career requires you to travel frequently, you may not be able to visit your health club as often as you like. Depending on the exercise program that you start, though, you may be able to perform the same techniques while you are out of Seattle or away from the gym.

Learning Pilates at Health Clubs in Seattle

Pilates exercises can be performed either on a reformer or on a mat. While the reformer offers increased resistance, allowing you to tone muscles more efficiently, mat exercises yield increased flexibility, and you can do them anywhere. While health clubs in Seattle may occasional Pilates classes, the instructors at Pilates Northwest focus exclusively on this life-affirming, challenging system of exercise. They offer both private and group sessions, accommodating clients with diverse needs and goals.

Our studio is just a short drive north of the center of Seattle and our clients can take advantage of our private parking lot. Whether you are trying to increase your strength after an injury or you want to tone your body, the instructors can work with you to design a custom program. Call us at (206) 368-6904 or send us an email at today to find out more about our studio and instructors.

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