Mat Pilates Classes In Seattle

The reformer is one of the most recognized pieces of Pilates exercise equipment. Consisting of a gliding platform with a series of springs and pulleys, it enables you to perform more than 100 exercises on a reformer in your Pilates classes. If you do not have the space to purchase a reformer for your home, you can still do mat Pilates exercises at home that you can learn in Seattle mat Pilates classes.

If you're new to Pilates and live in the Seattle area, we at Pilates Northwest can provide you with an introduction to the Pilates method. Through individual or small group sessions, instructors help clients meet their specific goals. During classes, we provide instruction on both the reformer and mat, letting you learn techniques that you can use in your home or on the road, besides just in the studio.

Exercise Anywhere After Taking Mat Pilates Classes in Seattle

Regularly attending mat Pilates classes in Seattle can help you stay on track to achieve your health and fitness objectives. Your work schedule might keep you from attending mat Pilates classes in Seattle as regularly as you would like, however. With a little discipline you'll be able to do enough of the exercises on your own to stay on target, whenever and wherever it fits into your schedule.

At our Seattle studio, we have a large selection of the latest Pilates equipment, including reformers, rollers, rings, barrels, and mats. With our special introductory offer for new clients, it's never been easier to see if Pilates classes are right for you. To schedule your first session, call us today at (206) 368-6904 or email us at

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