Seattle Cardio Pilates

There has been a wave of interest in the Pilates method in recent years. This is because in addition to increased flexibility and core strength that come from using Pilates, clients also experience improve posture and muscle tone. Adding cardio work to your Pilates routine will hasten the positive physical transformation you'll undergo if you begin a program.

At Pilates Northwest, the instructors offer both cardio and Pilates training to clients in our Seattle studio. They come from varied backgrounds and each individual member is dedicated to helping clients meet their fitness objectives. In addition to a full range of Pilates equipment, we also have rebounders for cardio exercise.

Seattle Cardio Pilates Routines for a Complete Workout

The instructors use Needak rebounders in the Seattle studio, which are among the most popular in the United States. By doing your cardio work on a rebounder, you will achieve many of the benefits that you get out of other cardio exercises without stressing your joints to the same extent. This "no impact" cardio exercise is perfect for people of all ages, whether they're trying to improve cardio health, shed extra weight, or both.

By pairing your cardio work with Pilates in our Seattle studio, you'll burn calories at a high rate during your core training, letting you get a complete workout. With both individual and group sessions available, you can decide what fits your schedule best and helps you achieve your goals. To find out more about our cardio Pilates program in Seattle, contact us today at (206) 368-6904 or by email at

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