Seattle Mat Pilates Classes

Pilates has become a popular exercise system in recent years, and for good reason. While Pilates involves the use of equipment such as reformers, it also incorporates many exercises that can be performed right on the floor. Mat Pilates classes can provide you with a simple and gentle introduction to Pilates exercises, letting you decide if the Pilates method is right for you.

On the surface, Mat Pilates bears some similarity to yoga. However, Pilates differs from yoga in a variety of ways. For one thing, it specifically targets your core, or powerhouse area, which is centered in your abdomen. Strengthening your core brings numerous benefits, from improved posture to increased energy.

Seattle Mat Pilates Classes for Individuals and Groups

If you are looking for mat Pilates classes in the Seattle area, consider Pilates Northwest. We contract with an experienced team of personal Pilates trainers who work with new clients, providing a foundation for subsequent mat Pilates classes. Individual sessions, as well as mat Pilates classes, are held in a comfortable studio just north of downtown Seattle.

Working with a professional, qualified, Pilates instructor will ease you into a fitness routine and make sure you have thorough training and supervision. This attention to clients is not lost in mat Pilates classes, however, as the instructors maintain a high ratio of instructors to students. To find out more about our Seattle mat Pilates classes and instructors, contact us today at (206) 368-6904 or

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