Seattle Pilates Classes

At Pilates Northwest, we contract with some of the most experienced and talented Pilates instructors in Seattle. All classes, both individual and group sessions, are led by a professional, experienced certified instructor, ensuring that you properly and safely execute each of the techniques and get the most out of your Pilates routine.

We offer two types of group Pilates classes at our Seattle studio. In our reformer classes, all of our clients follow the exercises that are performed by our instructor. If you'd prefer to work at your own pace and on a routine that has been tailored to your needs, you may opt for one of our supervised practice classes, in which an instructor is shared by the small number of clients.

Personal Attention in Seattle Pilates Classes

If you are new to the Pilates method, we recommend one-on-one classes at our Seattle Pilates studio. During these individual classes, you can learn the basic exercises and movements without pressure, making sure you get them just right. After just a few classes, you can start to feel the results of your Pilates exercises, including a stronger core and improved posture.

Our Seattle studio is located about 15 minutes north of the downtown area and has its own parking lot, making it easy for people to visit any time of day. Our modern facility is fully air-conditioned with private changing rooms, offering a comfortable atmosphere in which to exercise. To learn more about our Pilates classes, contact us today at (206) 368-6904 or at (206) 368-6904 or at

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