Seattle Pilates Trainers

If you are just starting a Pilates exercise program in Seattle, your trainers will have a tremendous impact on the shape that it takes. In individual sessions, trainers can determine the mix of time that you spend on the reformer and the mat. In both individual and group Pilates sessions, trainers also determine the pace at which you work, how much fun you have, and whether you feel comfortable.

At Pilates Northwest, we contract with friendly professional Pilates instructors . Each brings his or her own unique perspective to an area of specialization, from exercise for older adults to group exercise and physical therapy. From your first session, you can build a rapport with your own trainer so that you both more effectively work together toward your goal.

Individual Attention from Seattle Pilates Trainers

Whether you choose individual sessions to work with one of our trainers or small group sessions in our Seattle studio, you'll always receive a significant amount of attention. We maintain an exceptionally high ratio of trainers to students in our group classes. We also offer group practice sessions, which allow you to work at your own pace under the trainers' guidance.

In addition to reaching your particular goals, the Seattle trainers work with you to improve your posture and alignment. You'll learn new movements from them that will give you the long and slender form that you're working toward. To find out more about our Seattle Pilates trainers, call us at (206) 368-6904 or email us at today.

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