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Pilates Northwest Blog

What are the Benefits of Pilates after Pregnancy?

By | Pilates and Pregnancy

There are many benefits of Pilates after your pregnancy. Post partum Pilates is one of our specialties here at Pilates Northwest. The right Pilates exercise program can help with post partum needs such as body misalignment, a weak core, back pain, and postural issues like those from carrying a newborn. After childbirth and through the first couple of years after having a baby, mothers need personal attention. Having a session dedicated to bringing the body back together after childbirth is important. Here is a short list of structural issues we work with during and after pregnancy: Sway back (lordosis): The…

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How can Pilates help as you age?

By | Pilates for Seniors, Pilates Information

With age, bodily functions change. There is typically a decrease in muscle mass and the nervous system and muscular systems function less optimally. The heart rate can decline with age along with the ability to take in and use oxygen. These changes, along with hormonal changes, can lead to a reduction in metabolism, the degree at which the resting body uses fat and other sources to make fuel. Body fat can increase. Pilates is a safe fitness practice that can help counter many of the negative effects of aging. By improving the body’s function, Pilates helps you maintain a good…

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The Benefits of Pilates during Pregnancy

By | Pilates Information

There are many benefits of Pilates during your pregnancy. The right exercise program can help alleviate pain that you may begin to feel in your back or your joints during your pregnancy. Pilates will help you gain awareness of your changing posture and by strengthening your body you can be better prepared for your delivery. We recommend discontinuing impactful, high intensity exercise programs during pregnancy. Since Pilates can be adjusted for you, your pregnancy and your trimester, it’s a great choice. During pregnancy, we believe in increasing strength and rejuvenation since the body is going through many changes and pregnant…

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Can plus size and overweight people do Pilates?

By | Pilates Information

At Pilates Northwest, we have clients of all shapes and sizes. We have younger, older, injured, fit, beginners and advanced. They all get what they need here. We adapt Pilates to their needs. For overweight people, determining what exercise modality is best has several considerations. As body fat significantly increases, range of motion, speed and agility typically decreases. We keep these things in mind. We won’t ask your body to do something it is not ready for. We will not start you too quickly. We will honor where you are and ask you where you want to go. We’ve seen…

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Can Pilates help back pain?

By | Back Pain, Pilates Information, Posture, Spinal Alignment

At Pilates Northwest, we see a lot of clients with back pain – from low back pain, pain around the shoulder blades, pain in the upper trapezius muscles, to pain in the rib areas and mid back – we’ve seen it all. In today’s computer-based, high stress society, we get a lot of people who come in with the goal of lessening their back pain. Practicing Pilates is a great way to do this. For those with severe back pain, consulting with your physician if often the first step. We want to be sure there are no contraindications to exercise…

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Can Pilates help with weight loss?

By | Muscle Toning, Pilates Information, Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the key reasons why people embark on a new exercise routine. If you want to enhance your outward appearance, however, weight loss is just one component. You also need to strengthen and tone the muscles throughout your body — creating a strong, toned foundation as the fat layers come off. Pilates was not first intended to be primarily a fat loss method. We have heard our clients say that their proportions change along with their posture. Their whole look changes and this positive change helps with motivation for healthier food and lifestyle choices. As we…

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Pilates for seniors

By | Pilates Information

Pilates is appropriate for seniors. We have a large population of seniors at Pilates Northwest.   We’ve affectionately called them the “over 60 crowd” although a few clients extend decades beyond this affectionate title as octogenarians!   Here at Pilates Northwest we have had continuing education courses teaching us possible differences as people age – differences in potential bone density, posture, alignment, flexibility, movement capability. We have older clients who are super fit, flexible and strong who can rival the 30 year olds and we have those who need slow, deliberate focused attention in their workouts. Many have pain and movement limitations….

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Who We Are - Pilates Northwest - Seattle - Lake City

Is certification necessary when training with a Pilates instructor?

By | Instructors, Pilates Information

We, at Pilates Northwest, believe that if you are hiring a professional for specialized services, advanced education and experience is key. Obtaining a full equipment certification in Pilates is not easy. Typically it’s at least a two year rigorous program filled with courses on anatomy, physiology, injury and special population training, equipment safety, self practice, Pilates observation hours and practice teaching. Read more about our individual instructors. If you are just starting regular Pilates classes here at Pilates Northwest, we think it’s very important to use the correct Pilates fundamentals and techniques. Interestingly, the right form can sometimes differ between…

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Is the STOTT PILATES® method better than other Pilates methods?

By | Instructors, Pilates Information, Stott training method

When our clients are researching Pilates and determining which Pilates method they want to choose, often we get questions about how methods differ. This post gives a brief opinion about the STOTT PILATES® training program for certifying Pilates instructors. We really like the STOTT PILATES® method. It is one of our favorite certifications. Not all of our instructors are STOTT PILATES® certified, however some are. The benefits of the STOTT PILATES® method is its rigorous education, focus on safety and alignment, adaptability within exercises, attention to sports medicine science and its ease of use. STOTT PILATES® has fantastic equipment, some…

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