What are the Benefits of Pilates after Pregnancy?

There are many benefits of Pilates after your pregnancy. Post partum Pilates is one of our specialties here at Pilates Northwest. The right Pilates exercise program can help with post partum needs such as body misalignment, a weak core, back pain, and postural issues like those from carrying a newborn. After childbirth and through the first couple of years after having a baby, mothers need personal attention. Having a session dedicated to bringing the body back together after childbirth is important. Here is a short list of structural issues we work with during and after pregnancy:

Sway back (lordosis): The body has a significant weight load in front of it, particularly during the last trimester of pregnancy. Finding “center” and neutral again post partum is necessary.

Back pain: Back pain from the stress of labor and delivery and carrying a newborn has been a common theme here at Pilates Northwest. Core strength, muscular release and improved alignment helps alleviate back pain. We’ve had great results.

Wrist pain: We work to get the limbs functioning in alignment and work with you on patterns of lifting and carrying your infant.

Splaying of the limbs and center: We work with you to “bring your body back together”, as limbs and center expand and move away from the center during pregnancy. We reeducate some of the smaller muscles groups to bring more cohesion and strength to the structure. We work toward finding a neutral alignment that is supported by gravity.

Incontinence and pelvic floor strength: Some post partum clients have experienced incontinence and pelvic floor laxity. We have exercises to help strengthen this important area of the pelvic floor. While incontinence can have several causes, we find pelvic floor strengthening to be an important factor.