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Is certification necessary when training with a Pilates instructor?

By Instructors, Pilates Information

We, at Pilates Northwest, believe that if you are hiring a professional for specialized services, advanced education and experience is key. Obtaining a full equipment certification in Pilates is not easy. Typically it’s at least a two year rigorous program filled with courses on anatomy, physiology, injury and special population training, equipment safety, self practice, Pilates observation hours and practice teaching. Read more about our individual instructors. If you are just starting regular Pilates classes here at Pilates Northwest, we think it’s very important to use the correct Pilates fundamentals and techniques. Interestingly, the right form can sometimes differ between…

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Is the STOTT PILATES® method better than other Pilates methods?

By Instructors, Pilates Information, Stott training method

When our clients are researching Pilates and determining which Pilates method they want to choose, often we get questions about how methods differ. This post gives a brief opinion about the STOTT PILATES® training program for certifying Pilates instructors. We really like the STOTT PILATES® method. It is one of our favorite certifications. Not all of our instructors are STOTT PILATES® certified, however some are. The benefits of the STOTT PILATES® method is its rigorous education, focus on safety and alignment, adaptability within exercises, attention to sports medicine science and its ease of use. STOTT PILATES® has fantastic equipment, some…

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