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Posture Archives - Pilates Northwest


Pilates Northwest’s Top 5

By | Pilates Information, Posture

TOP 5 Reasons We Love Pilates It Helps Increase Flexibility: By using a unique system of lengthening muscles while also strengthening, Pilates helps create long, lean, more flexible muscles and fascia with increased range of motion potential. This helps reduce injury from shortened, overly tight, poorly aligned muscles. It Focuses on Strengthening while Toning: Pilates improves muscular strength and tone without increasing bulk. Strong, functional muscles help the body avoid injury, perform everyday tasks, and helps keep posture upright. Its Movements Enhance Joint Function: By improving strength and flexibility while moving in a more optimal alignment during your sessions, joint alignment can…

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Pilates and Reversing “Computer Posture”

By | Back Pain, Computer posture, Muscle Toning, Pilates Information, Posture, Spinal Alignment

Practicing Pilates helps many things from core strength, to long lean muscles and a streamlined midsection with lifted, tall posture.  But as an increasingly large portion of our population spends hours and hours each day on computers and devices from phones to tablets, there’s a specific postural problem emerging.  I’ve heard it called “text neck”, “slumpy computer spine” and “question mark posture”.  I’m sure there are many words for this collapsed, flexed, downward gazing, rounded, hunched over position people get into and stay in for hours on end. The Beginning of an Antidote Put simply, the antidote to this postural…

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Pilates and Posture: Get Tall, Long and Upright!

By | Pilates Information, Posture

Most of you have seen or heard terms like “text neck”, “sway back”, “forward head posture” and alike.  We could go on and on.  There are so many terms out there for misaligned posture, but what is proper alignment and how do we get it by doing Pilates? First, let’s define upright optimal posture.  Counter to intuition, it’s not just “chest up, shoulders back, suck in the belly” while standing.  While these cues have been heard by most of us, they don’t provide good posture nor do they help improve postural alignment. Postural alignment starts when there is structural balance…

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Can Pilates help back pain?

By | Back Pain, Pilates Information, Posture, Spinal Alignment

At Pilates Northwest, we see a lot of clients with back pain – from low back pain, pain around the shoulder blades, pain in the upper trapezius muscles, to pain in the rib areas and mid back – we’ve seen it all. In today’s computer-based, high stress society, we get a lot of people who come in with the goal of lessening their back pain. Practicing Pilates is a great way to do this. For those with severe back pain, consulting with your physician if often the first step. We want to be sure there are no contraindications to exercise…

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