Louise’s first interest in how bodies move, function and work started in the early 1990’s. She attended the Rolf® Institute for Structural Integration and works as a Certified Advanced Rolfer® still today, over 20 years later. Rolfing® is a body work technique based on manipulating the body’s connective tissues with the goal of releasing stress patterns within the structure. Rolfing® leads to improved posture and facilitates ease of movement and increased structural balance.  Naturally, Louise gravitated toward Pilates — the type of exercise that best fits the model of Rolfing®.

Realizing that Rolfing and Pilates had core concepts in common, she and a business partner opened Pilates Northwest in 2000. Now the sole owner, Louise thinks of Pilates Northwest as having a unique model. She believes that she has gathered together the best instructors in the area and this team provides a different kind of Pilates service than she’s seen available.

Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified Advanced Rolfer®
Certified Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner
Certified DFA Practitioner
Certified Group Fitness Instructor