Carly, Pilates Instructor

As an exercise physiologist and doctor of physical therapy, Carly’s decision to become a certified Pilates instructor was her natural next step. After a back injury, Carly found Pilates to be an integral part of her life. It helped her recover and resulted in becoming more mobile and stronger than pre-injury. Her philosophy compliments her education. She feels everyone, regardless of limitations, deserves to feel better in their body and with proper guidance can enhance their feeling of well- being, performance and function. Carly is currently finishing up her comprehensive STOTT® Pilates certification. In her time away from the studio, she enjoys walking, being outside, strength training and Pilates. She is a fan of gluten and dairy-free bakeries with a passion for sweets and loves baking, painting, and crafting.

  • STOTT® Pilates Intensive Mat, Rehab Mat, and Rehab Reformer
  • STOTT® comprehensive certification in process
  • Exercise physiologist / doctor of physical therapy

Enjoys adapting Pilates to be suitable for all people.

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