Seneca, Certified Pilates Instructor

Seneca grew up in Spokane, Washington where she studied ballet and modern dance. She later received her Certificate of Dance through Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in New York in 2015. As a mover, she quickly gained an interest in Pilates and how it aligns and centers the body, strengthens the core within, and helps heal injuries naturally. Seneca received her Pilates certification through Vitality Pilates in 2017. She loves sharing her knowledge of body awareness, making people feel taller and rejuvenated through Pilates. She enjoys working with clients who wish to improve their posture, minimize pain, strengthen inner core layers, and improve balance and coordination. Outside of Pilates, Seneca enjoys dancing, gardening, hiking, and occasional photography projects.

  • Certified Pilates Instructor, Vitality Pilates, 2016
  • Certificate of Dance, The Alvin Ailey School

Upbeat, fun, enjoys teaching a well-balanced session

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