Why Pilates?

Pilates is an interesting approach to exercise. Its methods are unique, stimulating the mind and body together. Pilates employs flowing, controlled movements, intentional breathing, and the use of multiple muscle groups at one time.

Benefits of Pilates:

Pilates focuses on the core of your body – the deep supporting muscles of the abdomen and spine. For many people, a strengthened core means less pain and greater support during their daily routines, such as lifting heavy objects and driving (or mountain climbing for a select few of you). Core strength is essential for having optimal posture. It is also an antidote to injury.

Pilates exercises often incorporate stretching while strengthening. Your flexibility will improve. Your body alignment will improve. In turn, many of your aches and pains can disappear.

Many people, especially women, do not want to look bulky. They prefer a lean and curvy look. Pilates relies on a unique approach: combining muscle strengthening and stretching while simultaneously paying close attention to postural alignment. Your posture will improve. You will become stronger and more streamlined, not bigger.

At Pilates Northwest, the instructors pay close attention to posture and body alignment. Having great posture comes with regular Pilates practice. They are specifically trained in postural and alignment issues and will teach you new, efficient movement patterns that help you achieve a more aligned, lifted and elongated body. For many, improved posture diminishes chronic pain due to muscular imbalances, increases the body’s energy, ease of movement and feelings of rejuvenation.

Pilates requires concentration. We like to call it “being present” in your mind and body while focusing on each exercise. Many people find that an hour spent focusing on Pilates is an hour spent not focusing on life’s daily stresses. They tell us they leave the studio feeling energized and in a better state of mind.