The Benefits of Pilates during Pregnancy

There are many benefits of Pilates during your pregnancy. The right exercise program can help alleviate pain that you may begin to feel in your back or your joints during your pregnancy. Pilates will help you gain awareness of your changing posture and by strengthening your body you can be better prepared for your delivery.

We recommend discontinuing impactful, high intensity exercise programs during pregnancy. Since Pilates can be adjusted for you, your pregnancy and your trimester, it’s a great choice. During pregnancy, we believe in increasing strength and rejuvenation since the body is going through many changes and pregnant women often feel periods of low energy. Our pregnancy Pilates sessions here at Pilates Northwest focus on different aspects as your shape changes and as your baby grows. For instance, we have workouts designed for you without lying on your back after mid pregnancy. There are postural exercises designed with low back support in mind. And there are specific exercises designed to keep muscles strong for delivery. We check in with you and adapt the session accordingly.

Getting started in Pilates while Pregnant is easy!

If you are searching for a Seattle Pilates studio while you are pregnant, consider working with us at Pilates Northwest. Our experienced, professional instructors tailor our Pilates programs to each client so you can be sure you’re embarking on a fitness regimen that is appropriate during your pregnancy. We also have Seattle Pilates instructors here on staff who specialize in Pilates for pregnant women, so you can take advantage of their years of experience.

No experience is necessary. We do ask for your doctor’s authorization to exercise. When you have the green light from your doctor, leave the rest to us. Pilates is fun, rejuvenating, effective and a great choice while pregnant.

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