Client Spotlight:  Joan – 76 years young!

Joan, thank you for sharing a bit about yourself.

I’m 76 years young. I have a fantastic son and two amazing, wonderful grandchildren; my objective opinion of course!  I retired as a Realtor® and Certified Financial Planner several years ago after spending almost 40 years owning and managing rental property.  I enjoy creative cooking and draw inspiration from my herb garden.  I love to travel and I’m looking forward to a return trip to Spain next year.   Funny as it seems, I tend to plan my vacations around missing as few Pilates sessions as possible!   I feel strong, vibrant and younger than my age.  I just purchased a new convertible sports car with license plate AGELES1.  I’m having tons of fun.  Pilates keeps me feeling young and fit.

Tell us about your experience with Pilates Northwest.   You have been with us a long time now!

Helen is my wonderful, patient instructor at Pilates Northwest.  She has the patience of Job.  I do not learn new concepts and movement patterns easily, but no matter now long it takes or how I do at first, Helen is always there with a smile and encouragement.

I have been a regular client at Pilates Northwest for 13 years.  After seeing my father age and not be as mobile as he could have been, I recognized Pilates as a key missing ingredient in my health plan.  Today I’m strong, more limber and I stand taller with better balance than over a decade ago.  Because of my Pilates core strength, I was able to change the direction of a fall. I am quite sure I would have sustained a broken ankle had I not had the strength and reflexes to act and adapt quickly. Instead of broken bones, I had bruises—mostly to my ego.

What advice might you give to new clients, especially the “over 60 crowd”?

Come join us!  We have fun together and clients get to know each other.  Make Pilates a part of your life and of course, be patient with yourself as you begin.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes, here is an example of the hidden benefits of Pilates.  I just went to lunch with friends 10 and 15 years my junior and I was the only one who could climb in the back seat of a two-door car and get out without assistance.  Sometimes I just can’t believe how mobile and strong I am.  Thanks, Pilates!

A note from Louise Beckley, Director of Pilates Northwest. 

We are located in Shoreline/Lake Forest Park on Ballinger Way NE.  We have fully certified, experienced Pilates instructors and we teach Pilates to all levels.  We welcome everyone.   We have a wide variety of clientele, including older folks, beginners and clients requiring highly specialized Pilates sessions.

Have questions?

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