Can Pilates help with weight loss?

Weight loss is one of the key reasons why people embark on a new exercise routine. If you want to enhance your outward appearance, however, weight loss is just one component. You also need to strengthen and tone the muscles throughout your body — creating a strong, toned foundation as the fat layers come off.

Pilates was not first intended to be primarily a fat loss method. We have heard our clients say that their proportions change along with their posture. Their whole look changes and this positive change helps with motivation for healthier food and lifestyle choices. As we all know, with fat loss or weight loss, there is not a quick fix. It is often dependent on a combination of genetic history, age, body type, food choices and exercise choices. Our forte here at Pilates Northwest is the ability to adapt and add a cardiovascular fat burning component to your Pilates sessions, revving up your system into a fat burning mode while strengthening and streamlining your physique

While the Pilates method on its own can lead to weight loss, we can also incorporate commercial rebounders into your exercise routine along with the Pilates Jump Board. By adding a cardiovascular component to your exercise routine, your weight loss can progress more rapidly, letting you see the results of your Pilates exercise program sooner.

The Pilates instructors at Pilates Northwest are among the most experienced Pilates instructors that you’ll find with years of teaching the Pilates method under their belts. They can tailor your Pilates routine to your current fitness level, letting you gradually increase the difficulty of your workout.

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