Pilates for seniors

Pilates is appropriate for seniors.

We have a large population of seniors at Pilates Northwest.   We’ve affectionately called them the “over 60 crowd” although a few clients extend decades beyond this affectionate title as octogenarians!   Here at Pilates Northwest we have had continuing education courses teaching us possible differences as people age – differences in potential bone density, posture, alignment, flexibility, movement capability. We have older clients who are super fit, flexible and strong who can rival the 30 year olds and we have those who need slow, deliberate focused attention in their workouts. Many have pain and movement limitations. They all love Pilates and they all receive very different sessions from our instructors here at Pilates Northwest.

Seniors are Consistent here at Pilates Northwest

We think of Pilates for our older clients here as an exploration of where they currently are and where they would like to go in their fitness routine. It may be they want to be able to sit in a chair and have the strength to get back up. Our seniors are very consistent with their Pilates practices. They are hard workers, whatever that means to their particular need. They come back week after week and spend their focused time working on their function, posture and staying as vital, upright and limber as possible.

In a recent article by Linda Carroll for NBC News, seniors and younger folks were asked to stand up while seated on the floor without using hands, knees of elbows for assistance as a test for future longevity. This is harder than one may think. In Pilates here at Pilates Northwest, we have a conversation about daily life tasks (gardening, picking things up from the floor, sitting then standing, walking up and down stairs, or even hiking 20 miles! There’s something for every older person here, tailored for you.

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