Pilates for Men

Although men and women are physically very different, everyone can benefit from Pilates.

Men's class at Pilates NorthwestMost people are not aware the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, was a boxer, skier, diver and gymnast. He originally developed his exercise system based upon the body, mind, and spirit after spending years studying various forms of exercise to improve his health. (Joseph Pilates was a very sick child who suffered from asthma and other illnesses.)  Pilates’ exercise system was originally developed for men with physical rehabilitation in mind and later expanded to women.

How can men benefit from Pilates?

Many professional athletes including LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods incorporate Pilates into their fitness regimen.  Pilates allows athletes like these to strengthen their core muscles and focus on the whole body rather than just exercising individual parts.  Pilates is for everyone; not just athletes or ex-athletes.  It provides varied movement patterns while increasing range of motion.  Pilates focuses on postural alignment, function, the development of deep core strength and enhanced flexibility. It gets beyond the superficial muscles providing a deeper level of fitness while also helping protect the back by strengthening the muscles that stabilize the spine.   Pilates is fun, invigorating, and challenges the mind-body relationship.  Pilates requires concentration and intentional breathing, and is thereby relaxing and restorative.

Men at Pilates Northwest

Men enjoy and benefit from of our co-ed group classes and private lessons at Pilates Northwest.  Our certified instructors help ensure movements are being done properly for maximum benefit from your workout.  Our professional equipment provides a safe, effective environment.  Our group classes are small; no more than 5 students.

Men of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from Pilates and we welcome you wholeheartedly. We want you to feel comfortable here and experience all the benefits that Pilates has to offer.

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