Pilates Northwest’s Top 5

TOP 5 Reasons We Love Pilates

  1. It Helps Increase Flexibility: By using a unique system of lengthening muscles while also strengthening, Pilates helps create long, lean, more flexible muscles and fascia with increased range of motion potential. This helps reduce injury from shortened, overly tight, poorly aligned muscles.
  2. It Focuses on Strengthening while Toning: Pilates improves muscular strength and tone without increasing bulk. Strong, functional muscles help the body avoid injury, perform everyday tasks, and helps keep posture upright.
  3. Its Movements Enhance Joint Function: By improving strength and flexibility while moving in a more optimal alignment during your sessions, joint alignment can dramatically improve thereby improving the overall function of the body. This added joint balance and fluidity helps you move with more ease.
  4. It focuses on Improving PostureBy learning optimal postural alignment and building more strength in your core, Pilates helps improve your posture, adds to your sense of where you are in space and educates you about your natural postural inclinations.   Aligned posture reduces aches and pains.
  5. It Teaches Body Awareness: It helps you relax, be present and be mindful. Being aware of your movement patterns, breathing and posture can improve coordination, balance and add to your quality of life.

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